The current study topics of the IPVR Lab.

A. Computer Vision

  Computer Vision Aided Road Vehicle Driving for Safety

  Vision-based Surveillance and Tracking

B. Synthetic Environment

  Multiresolution Modeling and Terrain Visualization 

  Virtual City and Synthetic Environment Edition  

  Remote-sensing Image Processing and Recognition

C. Multimedia

  Visual Synthetic and Natural Hybrid Coding and Chip Design

  Image/Model Hiding, Tamper proofing, and Watermarking

D. Medical Applications

  Medical Image Processing and Analysis

  Visualization for Brain Research

E. Other Related Topics

  Image Analysis

Medical Image Processing and Analysis

Model-based Color Halftoning

Table-form Document Processing and Recognition

Hand-written Chinese Character Processing & Recognition

  Virtual Reality

Laparoscopic Surgical Simulation and Training,

Facial Image Processing, Recognition, & Animation

Automatic Layout Design for a Single Building

Plant Growing Animation based on L-system

Oct. 2004 Modified