Image Processing & Virtual Reality Laboratory

The laboratory is located on the first floor (room 105 ~ 109) of the Research Center, National Central University.

The leader of the lab. is  Prof. Din-Chang Tseng.

There are currently 10 Ph.D. students and 14master students in the lab.

The main study fields of the lab. include:

image analysis (computer vision, image processing, pattern recognition) and

virtual reality (modeling, simulation, visualization).

Our studies are all dependent on the vision. From the viewpoint of technology development, these two fields are fully independent. Image analysis is an intelligent input technique; such as, vehicle driving assistance, object recognition, surveillance, fault detection, position determination, etc. Virtual reality is a realistic output technique; such as, simulation, training, browsing, visualization, animation, etc. However, from the viewpoint of applications, these two fields can be fully combined to form a large-scaled application system.

Our researches emphasize the developments of techniques and applications; we study the vision-related techniques as well as we study or joint other techniques, such as, integrated chip design, wireless communication, electronic map, global position system, voice recognition, etc. to match various applications.

October 2005



Research Center 2.



Image Processing & Virtual Reality Laboratory.